About Us

Hey there, welcome to Altars of Patches! We're two die-hard metalheads from Cyprus who share an immense love for music and everything metal culture stands for. Our journey began by experiencing the magic of concerts and festivals – the very essence that inspired us to create a metalhead's haven: Altars of Patches.

Patches, as small as they may seem, carry the immense power to unite the metal community like a close-knit family. At Altars of Patches, we've curated a selection that covers a wide array of metal sub-genres and eras, making us a treasure trove for patch enthusiasts.

Craftsmanship and quality mean everything to us – our patches are crafted to be durable, resilient, and visually striking. Your satisfaction and ease of shopping are incredibly important to us.

Join us in celebrating the metal culture and proudly displaying your passion with top-notch patches!

Marios Kamasia
Design Work
Social Media
Band Liaison
Customer Support

Michalis Maltezos
Order Coordination
Packing and Shipping