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Terms and Conditions


This tab is designed to provide you with information on how we collect, use, and protect your personal data, as well as outline our terms and conditions regarding order shipping, loss, and intellectual property rights. By using Altars of Patches you acknowledge the following:

Shipping and Lost Orders

  1. Standard Shipping:

    When selecting standard shipping, please be aware that it does not include order tracking. While we strive for timely delivery, we cannot guarantee or replace lost orders shipped as standard. Refunds are not provided in such cases. It is also advisable not to exceed three patches per standard shipping order, as thicker envelopes may face issues in postal sorting machines. Orders with more than three patches may be returned, and the customer is responsible for covering any shipping fees of a second dispatch. No refunds will be issued, and if the customer opts not to receive the order, a voucher equal to the order value will be provided.

  2. Tracked Shipping:

    Opting for Tracked Shipping allows us to provide a tracking number for your order. In the event that a tracked shipment is lost in transit, we offer the option to either replace your order or issue a refund, as per your preference. This ensures peace of mind and security for your purchase.

In the event of inaccurate shipping information being supplied during checkout, we are committed to making every effort to rectify the situation and seek amendments. Please be aware that, in such instances, there is likely to be a delay in the shipment of your order. Additionally, if the mistake is subtle, such as providing an incorrect city or house number, it may go unnoticed. We strongly encourage you to carefully review your order confirmation email and promptly notify us if any changes to the shipping details are needed. However, once the order has been accepted into the postal system and dispatched, we regret to inform you that a refund cannot be provided under these circumstances.

Intellectual Property Rights

To maintain transparency and respect all parties involved, we operate on the assumption that artists who request the creation of patches or merchandise featuring their artwork hold 100% of the rights to that artwork. Should artists not possess full rights or if rights are shared, we kindly ask for this information to be explicitly communicated. This openness ensures informed decisions can be made and supports a positive and fruitful partnership, therefore, Altars of Patches accepts no liability for any discrepancies in rights ownership.

At Altars of Patches, we cherish our collaborations with artists. In the spirit of our creative partnership, we anticipate that we may offer a limited number of copies of the merchandise we create together on our website. This allows us to share our collaborative work with our audience and the wider online patch trading community. We understand if prior agreements restrict product sales on our website, but kindly request our collaborators to disclose such limitations.


Privacy Policy

Information Collection

We collect and retain personal information exclusively for the purpose of order processing and customer service. This encompasses data essential for order fulfillment. Additionally, Altars of Patches offers a newsletter subscription service. By subscribing, you give consent to the collection and storage of your email address for the purpose of receiving news emails. Please be aware that your data will be managed in compliance with relevant data protection laws. Email addresses will be retained for a period of 2 years from the last order date or sign-up date if there were no orders. An option to unsubscribe from our newsletter is available through a link embedded in any newsletter email.

Information Sharing

Altars of Patches does not share your personal information with third parties except for essential service providers involved in order fulfillment.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy as our services evolve or in response to changing legal requirements. Any changes will be posted about on our social media.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or your personal information, please contact us.